jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

The beginning of everything..

First i try to translate as much as it was posible for me my english is not good enough so i hope you can understand some ...

Everything began on September 20, 2014, but let's take again a bit the history from time behind... I was going out from January with Santiago, we knew ourselves from the year 2007, when both newly we were managing to live through the Caribbean; I never fix my attention in him, in spite of the fact that always we were in the same clubs, we had friends in comun and of that time laterhe start dating a “friend” we never went more than a greeting or a  social toast.. Some years later On January 20, 2013 in a bar during the celebration of a birthday, Santiago and I would come to meet again; with a lot of confidence him approach me assuring he knews me from somewhere, initially I wasn’t sure because he was looking a bit different from 5 years ago.
We had a good time chating for a while during the party  and at the end  we agree to continue the celebration in another bar, me  with my friends and him with his friend,  and it was how everything began... At this time I never feel any attraction for any Mexican guy, my last boyfriends they  all had been forein guys, that’s why Augusto my best friend gave me a nick name (malinchista: tendency to the foreign things)  he was always saying that i would end fall in love of a Mexican guy  and i was always saying to him that it would not happen, I did not want to fall in love again who was going to think that he was right... Well from this night everything change, after a few drinks I went to Santiagos apartament yes, yes I know;  but let's be honest it woulnt  be neither the first one or the last doing something like that .
From there Santiago and me we start meeting more and more  we used to enjoy  spend time together  sometimes watching  movies and having dinner in his apartment but also we use to go out  for dinner or a few drinks,  we had a mutual agreement  in this relation and it was not going for anything  else that " have fun, " since I didnt want a commitment of  boyfriend&girlfriend  and it wasnt also seeking to have any class of feeling towards anybody  I was trying to avoid the drama of a relationships and on his way he was focused in his work, many  projects in his way so both we were in the same channel, so with all clear, we kept seeing each other every time more than initially; we used to avoid to speak about very personal topics like our families, work,
We passed the time chating and laughing but never talking  about  personal topics, little by little and with the time one day I was chatting with Saday my best friend and I discovered that I was starting to feel  something for Santiago but  how? Which moment? I remember very well the words that Saday said to me: It is obvious that already you feel something for him and if it is not what you want is  time to moving away.  Without giving her  any response than just  nervous smile i kept wondering again and again if really I wanted to move away from Santiago or to continue with this, in spite of the fact that maybe I was the only one that was starting experiencing feelings, and then a message interrupted my thought it was Santiago and he wanted to know if we could meet ...  But how can I refuse to see him??  Well after 6 months my feeling for Santiago increased
what would have made change my way of thinking and feelings for him? Might it be his nobleness? It Was just because we never have this title that so many people wants, that why I had those feelings for him? It would be that we would have known ourselves better little by little and free of social pressures? Could be the reason because many relationships doesn’t work  just because a tittle can do it weighed?
And finally we start speaking a bit of our  personal  life’s  more over of our  families, topics, work as well as the achievements that  we had, both we were motivating ourselves, especially he used to do it for me.

And we come a year together, from this year the things changed a bit more, we had more confidence between each other ; he  was starting moving between two not very distant cities during the whole week for work, occasionally he was asking me to go to the city where he was working and suddenly they were entire weekends together, even we start meeting from 4 to 5 days per week, I was charmed with happening the time with him, was enjoying talkin about our work, his jokes, anecdotes and all his occurrences... And like this we reach the first year together,  approximately during August, 2014 everything gave a draft suddenly...

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